He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Mark 16:15

There are many ways to partner with Family Renewal Ministries!

  • Prayer​​
  • Financial Contributions
  • Spread the word
  • Arrange a presentation with your church or organization
  • Short Term Mission Trips for Churches and individuals

We are focusing on three simple but important areas as we work with the Indigenous children;

  • Education
  • Christian Outreach
  • Develop and Equip Local Leaders​

Las Huellas de Fray Pascual  is a Christian led school located at Mesa del Nayar. The school  was opened to students over fifty years ago by the Franciscan Priest, Padre Pascual Rosales. Through his work thousands of indigenous children have received cost free educational opportunities, that begin with Kindergarten and may continue through university study.

The school continues to serve approximately 175 residential students, and is directed by a graduate, Santos de la Cruz, and an alumni association. Since the Padre's passing, financial support has diminished dramatically.  

Family Renewal Ministries has a fifteen year relationship with the school. Tom and Collette have lived and worked at the school, have helped in the development of Bible Studies, teaching English classes, begun reading programs, and life skills training.

This ministry is touching the lives of many Indigenous children and providing a better future for them and their families. For $15 a month you can provide food, clothing, and education for one of these children.

The vision of the late Pascual Rosales was to create free educational opportunity for the children of the Cora and other indigenous people in and around Mesa del Nayar. This work has touched many lives and continues to offer a better future through education and God's word. It is the goal of Family Renewal Ministries to continue his work in association with graduates of the school.

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