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Hello my name is Javier Alatorre. I am thirty two years old and I am from the mountains of Nayar, Nayarit Mexico. I come from a family of six. When I was six years old my father had to leave the little town to go to the city looking for income, income that we wouldn't see till I was twelve years old. Meanwhile my mother would support us working as housekeeper in exchange for food. She saw that it could be an impact for us the youngest as we headed to the adult life. Thankfully in those days my uncle made a comment to my mom about a school that's his children attended to in a different town far from home, where my mother would have to leave me for months until i had vacations. Which made my mom realize to make the choice of leaving me at the school Mesa del Nayar because of the great opportunities it offered, even though it was hard for her and for me too. After the first semester I was able to tell her the great experience i had with all the teachers and principal and all the students who made me feel like I had a family it was easier for her to leave me at the school for long period of times. I never missed her more than the normal because i never had a bad experience in all the time I was studying at the school. As time went on I graduated from middle school and the next step was to leave the town to go to the city (Monterrey, Torreon, or Arandas) to continue with my studies with a scholarship. I got the scholarship to go to the school Bachillerato Tecnico Industrial de la Laguna A. C. in Torreon because of my technical abilities. I studied at that school for three years and graduated. I worked for three years in Mexico and had a great experience with a great lifestyle which I was able to help out my mom and siblings. I decided to come to USA and I am able to say that everything I learned has helped me develop in my work area and social wise as well. I continue to help my parents and recently got married. My wife and I are expecting a child that we will name Jeremias. In part i choose a biblical name for my child, thanking God for all the learning experience of the bible while in school. I thank God for the opportunity I had to study and graduate from a technical school in Torreon, Coahuila. I wouldn't have graduated without the help of the school Mision Mesa Del Nayar that offers the opportunity to go to school with no cost till the point of graduating from a university if wanted to. All of the services and opportunities that this school offers comes from people with great hearts from different parts of the world. I want to thank everyone who have supported this project that brings many opportunities to all those children in a low income home. I also want to thank Father Pascual Rosales founder of this project that now rest in peace. If you are one of those people who helps with this project can be sure that all the money raised will be well used in this project. I could say more about my experience but this is just brief part of my experience. Thank you all for everything and may God keep blessing you.